Dream Haven

Dream Haven at TSC

Take you comfort seriously with Dream Haven, available to you here at TSC! Dream Haven is a company that has dedicated itself to making your down time as relaxing and comfortable as possible. You work hard, your days are busy, and when the time comes to enjoy some important peace and quiet, Dream Haven wants to help guarantee you'll get the most out of it. With a wide variety of products to assist in maximizing your down time, they take the quieter times seriously. Do you find that when your 'me time' rolls around you're just not getting the quality relaxation that you should, or deserve? Are those accessories just not helping the way you think they should? If so, it's time for you to consider Dream Haven! Their mission is to bring top flight comfort to you, with an array of fantastic items made with the best moments of your day in mind. Whether you're looking for something a little more cozy in your sheets, blankets, or comforters, or perhaps better support with a mattress cover pad, Dream Haven has an impressive array of items for you. They also have a lot to offer in the way of relaxing leisure wear, including their unique Microplush comfy pants. Stylish, soft, and made to last, these are made with some key features in mind to really get the most out of your comfort. The drawstring waist and wide-leg cut are irresistible, and they're also built to last with plush yet durable fabrics. Also available in a rainbow of colours and shades to reflect any taste, you'll be able to enjoy those more peaceful moments in a manner that reflects you and your tastes perfectly. Whether its for bedtime or relaxing on the couch for your favourite show, Dream Haven has what you need, and available for you here at TSC!