BISSELL Cleaning Solutions For Pet Parents

With products specifically designed for pet parents, it’s easy to understand why BISSELL is the number one brand choice for vacuums, carpet cleaners, steam mops, air purifiers, and more among loving pet owners. At TSC, we’re proud to offer a vast selection of BISSELL’s cleaning solutions, including the brand’s specialized line of pet cleaning products, made for tackling tough messes and odours effortlessly. BISSELL’s handheld and robotic vacuums tackle surface level messes with ease, while upright and portable carpet cleaners and steam cleaners target deeper cleans on carpets and hard floors. No matter the mess, BISSELL has you covered with the cleaning tools necessary to get the job done quickly. BISSELL’s line of pet cleaning solutions exceeds every pet owner’s expectations. The ProHeat® 2X Revolution® Pet CleanShot™ carpet cleaner delivers a powerful clean with twelve rows of rotating dual dirt lifter power brushes, removing embedded dirt and stains from carpets. The Little Green ProHeat portable carpet and upholstery pet stain eraser permanently remove tough stains using water, Heatwave Technology®, and BISSELL’s 3” tough stain tool with powerful suction. For speedy cleans of everyday pet messes, the BISSELL CrossWave® Pet is perfect for cleaning sealed hard floors and area rugs. Saying goodbye to everyday messes, pet hair, odours, accidents, and stains have never been easier than with BISSELL. BISSELL’s History A family-owned business founded in 1876, BISSELL celebrates more than 140 years of excellence in creating premium and innovative household cleaning products, efficiently designed to save you time without compromising your deepest clean. It all started in Grand Rapids, Michigan, when Melville R. Bissell, tired of constantly cleaning sawdust off his crockery shop’s carpet, invented and patented a one-of-a-kind sweeper. Following numerous inquiries from friends and customers about the sweeper, BISSELL was born. A national leader in more ways than one, BISSELL made history when Anna Bissell became America’s first female CEO, following the passing of her husband, Melville. This prominent feat earned BISSELL a few famous fans, including Queen Victoria, who insisted her palace be “Bisselle’d” every week. The BISSELL Pet Foundation BISSELL products do more than eliminate pet messes and odours; they eliminate homeless pets, too - one sale at a time. BISSELL is proud to donate proceeds from every pet product sold to the BISSELL Pet Foundation, with a mission to support animal welfare organizations nationwide. "