Product Overview

Over-Sofa Laptop Table - This IMGadgets Height adjustable desk is comfortable for work or leisure with the over-sofa laptop table, measuring 31.5” x 15.7”, offering a stable surface positioned directly above your bed or sofa!

Pneumatic Height Adjustment: Utilize pneumatic height adjustment in IMGadgets Height adjustable desk with a counterbalance lift mechanism to effortlessly elevate or lower the desk, achieving the ideal height between 26.3” and 40.5”.This ensures a comfortable viewing and typing experience without causing strain on your neck or back.

Offset column and concealed casters - IMGadgets Height adjustable C-Table design with an offset column enables the cart's base to slide smoothly beneath furniture, letting you place the tabletop close to you while maintaining ample legroom. Concealed casters add a visual appeal and offer a space-saving solution for the base.

Smooth, Stylish, and Space Saving: IMGadgets Height adjustable desk design effortlessly complements any office or study and brings a modern, minimalist, and understated aesthetic to your space, lending it a professional touch.

Easy To Install: Our IMGadgets Height adjustable desk frame is designed for easy installation, getting you started in less than 15 minutes. Assembly is a breeze with the included tools, manual, and an explanatory video to guide you.

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