Product Overview
What it is:
Safely remove years of stains and experience your healthiest, whitest smile with this at home smile makeover bundle.

Who its for:
Anyone looking to lift stains for a brighter and whiter smile.

What it does:
Blue Light Whitening Kit: Blue light technology accelerates the whitening process uncovering your natural smile even quicker.  Visible results in only 20 minutes.  2-8 shades in 5-7 days.  

Refill Syringes: 24 treatments to keep your smile white. Use in Spa Dent dual arch comfort fit trays, custom dental trays to whiten or as a nightly toothpaste booster to fight lifestyle stains and maintain a bright smile. PH Neutral, Silica Free, Lactose Free and Gluten Free ingredients that whiten, fight bacteria and remineralize. A must have for anyone with Orthodontics to prevent white spots at adhesion points. 

Cleaning Polishing Paste: A dental cleaning in a bottle! Using an enamel safe, self adjusting perlite Our Cleaning Polishing Paste whitens as it polishes away imperfections from your smile. Great as a prep for your whitening treatment or as part of your daily oral care, just a dot of Cleaning Polishing Paste on your brush in the morning is enough to keep your smile glowing and dental clean.

Mouth Wash: Natural mouthwash with advanced whitening action with a pleasant Coconut Sea Salt flavor that fights Bacteria that causes bad breath, Gingivitis and helps improve gum health. Coconut oil attacks harmful bacteria in your mouth while Sea Salt strengthens gums and helps protect against tartar and bad breath. Essential mint oils leave your mouth feeling fresh and sparkling clean.

Toothpaste: Daily Use toothpaste that helps to lift stains for a brighter and whiter smile. Made with all Natural Ingredients. Sensitivity Free and Enamel Safe made with Self Adjusting Perlite. Has a reviving Tropical Flavor. Free from: Alcohol, SLS, Artificial colours, artificial sweeteners, Fluoride, Preservatives, Gluten, harmful chemicals.

Vegan Friendly Formula that's Cruelty Free

What is included: 
• Blue Light Whitening Kit - valued at $49.99 (Includes: 2 x 6ml Whitening Gel Syringes,Blue Led light,Mouth Tray, Comfort Mouth Tray Travel case, 2 batteries)
• Spa Dent Naturals Whitening Gel Syringe Refill - valued at $34.99
• Spa Dent Naturals Cleaning Polishing Paste (100ml) - valued at $44.99
• Spa Dent Naturals Whitening Mouthwash (591mL) - valued at $11.99
• Spa Dent Naturals Adv Whitening Advanced Toothpaste (190g) - valued at $8.99

*As offered for sale separately 

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