With a former Miss Toronto crown on her head and a successful career in musical theatre under her belt, Renee Deighton found hosting at TSC a natural fit. After being an on-air guest for over two years with products like the Ionic Air Purifier, Renee officially joined as host in 2008. Renee will always remember the first time she hosted at TSC with fashion icon Joan Rivers — who made her perform an act each time an item sold out. As a true testament to Renee's vibrant personality, viewers caught a glimpse of her tap dancing, singing, and doing cartwheels in high heels across the studio.

Born and raised in Scarborough, Ont., Renee grew up with loving parents who encouraged her to always stay true to herself. Described by her colleagues as "pop rocks" and a "ray of sunshine" Renee works to make everyone around her feel welcome and at ease — both on and off the air. A dedicated member of her community, Renee has won The Queens Jubilee community service award, and continues to give back by hosting picnics for 2,500 people, building outdoor skating rinks, and producing musicals and concerts at her daughter's schools. She's also a certified Doula and has helped birth many babies in her area.

First and foremost, Renee is a dedicated and passionate mother to three beautiful daughters, and works hard to maintain a balanced career and home life. When she's not entertaining viewers on-air, Renee can be found cooking up a storm in the kitchen, playing softball with her girlfriends, and running the "Mom taxi."