After 17 years at TSC, Greta Culliford still gets excited to come into work every day and see her colleagues or "her family away from home" as she calls them. On-air, Greta is fiercely passionate about her viewers and feels personally responsible for ensuring they are comfortable with their orders by describing the touch, feel and quality of each product for them.

Before joining TSC, Greta worked in radio broadcasting for eight years and then moved on to run the talent division at a large agency that provided models to TSC. Always a believer that everything happens for a reason, it was Greta's relationships at TSC that lead her into her next career as host.

Named after Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford, Greta was born of Jamaican, Spanish, British, and Scottish decent. Greta loves creating art with her hands, and can often be found making jewellery, clothing and carving walking sticks in her spare time. Intrigued by the power of gems, crystals and angels, Greta is frequently referred to as "Earth Mother," by those who love and know her best.

If there was one item that Greta could not live without, it would be her trunkful of funky scarves. Greta believes that a good scarf can quickly transform an outfit from ordinary to unique.