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Becoming a Vendor

Please submit your proposal to TSCVendor.Inquiries@rci.rogers.com.

What You Should Know Before Meeting with Us

About The Shopping Channel

The Shopping Channel is Canada's national televised shop-from-home service, reaching into over 7 million households across Canada. We broadcast and receive orders through our Customer Care Centre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We are a leading retailer of innovative products that provide extraordinary value and exceptional quality, including jewellery and fashions, brand name electronics, home goods, fitness equipment, cooking and dining products, health and beauty products and collectibles. The Shopping Channel does not sell air time/broadcast advertising - we retail products much like other major retailers in more traditional channels.

In addition to on-air programming, The Shopping Channel drives business from other avenues. TheShoppingChannel.com features over 15,000 products, including our complete on-air product assortment as well as thousands of web site exclusive products and services. Our website sees approximately 700,000 unique visitors each month, and accounts for 35%+ of The Shopping Channel sales.

We communicate to our customers and acquire new customers via a marketing mix of direct mail (post-card/show notifications, merchandise catalogues), radio, television, magazine/print, email, paid search (Google, Bing, etc), online product listings (ShopToIt.ca, PriceGrabber.ca), our Affiliate Program and Social Media.

Who are our customers?

The Shopping Channel reaches over 6.5 million households in English Canada and is actively watched by almost 1.5 million viewers weekly. Our viewing audience is approximately 30% male and 70% female, with predominantly female customers. Our customers range in age from 25 to 55+ and live in urban/suburban households. They are also very well-informed and savvy, and they know what they want. They will often do research and price comparisons before making a purchase.

What type of products work best?

The Shopping Channel retails a broad variety of product categories. The most successful items generally have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Unique - the product's features and benefits are not available in other similar items.
  • Limited distribution - the product is often exclusive to The Shopping Channel, is a new launch in the marketplace, or is available in very few other locations.
  • Demonstrable - the features and benefits can be demonstrated live.
  • Exceptional Value - the retail price plus shipping charges provide value to consumers both compared to competitive products and the retail category.

What Can The Shopping Channel Offer You & Your Product?

  • A National television exposure to a vast Canadian audience.
  • A quick and easy way to establish your product in the Canadian marketplace.
  • An excellent testing ground for new products.
  • A modern broadcast centre, on-site Customer Care Centre with additional off-site capacity and a 300,000 square foot warehouse coupled with a quick and efficient home delivery system. We ship approximately 10,000 orders a day to customers across the country.
  • A centralized cost efficient alternative to traditional retail stores.
  • Retailing and distribution expertise to help you with new product development, product launches, and the possible roll out to traditional retail.
  • Alternatively if your business already has a fast and reliable nation-wide direct to customer delivery system in place, we have the capability to set up Vendor Drop-Ship programs

If you have any questions about becoming a vendor, you can contact us at TSCVendor.Inquiries@rci.rogers.com.