LUXLE Jewellery

Luxle Jewellery- True Couture, Everyday

'We believe luxury is for every day'. With their collection of stunning jewellery that shows an incredible balance of high style and undeniable glamour, Luxle proves their claim time and again, and available here at TSC! Based in the United States, Luxle (pronounced Lux-lee) are a designer and manufacturer of outstanding fine jewellery specifically created with everyday use in mind. Sophisticated and fun, eye catching without being overbearing, Luxle can furnish you with a bit of serious bling to keep you company wherever the day takes you. Working in quality gold, silver, diamonds and more, Luxle are renowned for their wealth of industry experience and masterful design. Every piece in their beautiful collection- whether it be a sassy encrusted ring, dramatically striking necklace, flirty bracelet, and so very much more- is a testament to their overarching skill and passion for absolute quality. And one of the best things is, every piece was designed with everyday moments in mind! Perfectly appropriate for big nights out, gala events, or a casual weekend lunch with friends, Luxle create added value by making their collection universal for anytime, anywhere! Who needs a huge array of different pieces when you have a dedicated smaller selection that fulfills many different accessory needs? Luxle are truly unlike any other jeweller, in that their creations are the result of multiple global influences coupled with unique design that not only fall in line with current trends, but supersede them as well. Luxle help set the trends as opposed to following them, and you are guaranteed to have something that will continue to remain both timeless and contemporary for ages to come. Treat yourself, and your admirers, to a fine creation from Luxle. Premium couture jewellery appropriate for every situation on any given day, Luxle are available to you here at TSC!