Kaiser Baas

Kaiser Baas- Discover: Adventure

Kaiser Haas has equipment and accessories for the rugged adventurer in your life, and available for you here at TSC! Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2006, Kaiser Haas encompasses the spirit of the 'down under' mindset, melding adventure and technology to enhance life's experiences and stand by their motto of 'Discover: Adventure'. Recognized as one of the world's most trusted and respected names in technology, Kaiser Haas deliver their products on a global level (with supply channels in Canada, the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, China, France, Spain, Sweden, their native Australia, to name a select few) that proudly balances high quality with affordable pricing. Respected for their intuitive innovation, Kaiser Haas has made predicting consumer trends ahead of the rest a defining part of their strategy, and continue to fulfill their objective of creating a complete line of technology solutions for any lifestyle and budget. Combine this with their superior market knowledge, practical design and smart engineering, they have watched the demand of their dynamic product line soar around the world. With Kaiser Haas, the satisfaction of their customers is the main motivation to deliver practical and easy-to-use items for use both indoors and outdoors. Their popular Action Camera line offers a durable and quality product for all of your adventuring needs, whether that means a breathtaking sunset from your backyard or an exotic locale on the other side of the planet! Compatible with an incredible variety of accessories and mounts, you are only limited by where the day, and your adventurous spirit, takes you! Discover what the rest of the world already knows, and enhance your life with Kaiser Haas cameras and products today. Competitive in both pricing and performance, you will thrill to what Kaiser Haas has to offer; experience what they mean by 'Discover: Adventure'... available to you here at TSC!