Berkshire - Blanket & Home Co.

Stay cozy with the luxury of Berkshire, available to you here at TSC! Founded in 1993 in Massachusetts, the Berkshire brand name is entirely evocative of its origins: chilly New England fall evenings in a coastal cottage, listening to the distant waves beside a crackling fireplace, and comforted by the soft warmth of a fleece blanket. Indeed, this is the same environment that Berkshire was born from, and you can capture a feel for it yourself with their wonderful line of plush, classically made blankets. Manufactured in an historic stone textile mill in small town New England, Berkshire insists on holding themselves to the same standard of not only their predecessors, but the reputation of the region for comfort and quality. Adhering to their regional charm, Berkshire's mission is to continue to bring the same level of comfort to their customers around the world, regardless of their company's expansion, and to remain an ongoing supplier of the special moments in your family's life. Their patterns embrace the classic east coast aesthetic, using a traditional semi-colonial look but with subtle variations to keep them both modern and fresh. Berkshire have not only made their name on embracing tradition, but through clever innovation also. They are responsible for the development of several new exciting fabrics like Extra-Fluffy™, VelvetLoft® and Serasoft®, which have all been incredibly successful for not only their comfort, but affordability, too. Berkshire are unabashedly passionate about the world's comfort, and you will experience that first hand with the use of any of their fine home products. There are very few pleasures in life as simple as the warm embrace of a quality blanket or comforter, and Berkshire wants to supply it to you. Always first in comfort and made with both pride and heritage, Berkshire is available to you here at TSC!