BEBE- Be You

Bebe is one of the leading women's fashion brands across the globe, and they are available to you here at TSC! Founded in San Francisco in 1976 by CEO Manny Mashouf, the first Bebe boutigue was launched with the idea of addressing demographics that were previously ignored or under-represented. Not only did Bebe find their platform, but they did it with style and flair, too. Sold in over 70 countries around the world, Bebe unabashedly embrace a sexy sophistication for the truly modern woman. Their collections are evocative of vintage elegance, but also decidedly modern and fresh. The inclusion of dazzling features such as hem fringes, lace accents, and playful waist ties are equally classic and contemporary all at once. You cannot help but be entranced by the balance of sensual undertones and confident cuts in every one of their attractive pieces. Bebe dresses have a definite versatility about them too, appropriate for a multitude of events and settings. Mashouf has guided the company with a philosophy of that incorporates trend changes but still retails their dedication to something classic and timeless, and as all-encompassing as possible. In his own words, he has said 'You know, I think age is irrelevant now. There is no one Bebe girl or woman. Our clients range from 18 to 60. But what they have in common is a certain sense of style; they want to look desirable and modern. Really, I just want to make women beautiful and enhance their natural beauty.' Taking Bebe's popularity and unwavering relevance into account, you cannot deny Mashouf's belief and conviction. Time and again, they have created some of the most appealing and attractive pieces available in women's fashion today, and continually for the past 40-plus years, too. Discover the sexy and sophisticated world of Bebe fashion, affordably and confident, and available to you here at TSC!