Mephisto – Crafting the world’s finest footwear

Trendy shoes handmade by master shoemakers offering the greatest levels of comfort, quality, and style. Mephisto, the world’s finest walking footwear for men and women, is available for you online at TSC. Born from a deep-rooted ambition to create the world’s best shoes, Mephisto was launched in France in 1965 by Founder Martin Michaeli. With its launch, the company introduced its moccasin, which quickly became Mephisto’s leading design. The distribution swiftly spread throughout Europe, and by 1975, Mephisto transformed into a world-famous brand with its own unique footwear manufacturing method. Between 1987 and 1989, Mephisto achieved new success levels when it established subsidiaries in the North American market, gaining esteem for its excellence in nature, comfort, and quality footwear standards. By 1999, Michaeli is elected “Entrepreneur of the Year” in France among 5000 other French companies, with his brand being elected the “Best Footwear Brand of France” by French shoe retailers. In the years that followed, Mephisto received numerous prestigious awards and recognitions, including the “2001 PLUS Award” by the American magazine Footwear Plus for its unmatched design for men’s comfort shoes. In 2002, the company launched its new outdoor lifestyle brand, ALLROUNDER by Mephisto, which targeted the urban hiking trend and became a go-to shoe across generations. Today, Mephisto celebrates more than 55 years of tastefully crafting world-class shoes, including everything from men’s and women’s sandals, to casual sneakers to loafers to fitness and wellness shoes, all known for their distinct levels of comfort and quality. At the helm of the unsurpassed comfort that sets the brand apart is Mephisto’s unique Soft-Air technology. The innovative patented formula features a soft, flexible, and permanently elastic midsole that absorbs shock, relieving pain in the joints and spine typically caused by walking. Mephisto has discovered the secret recipe for blending modern elegance with cloud-like comfort. Fall in love with the collection today, available for you at TSC.