Cricut Machines and Makers

Innovative and fun, Cricut has what you need for those special 'Do It Yourself' projects, and available here at TSC! Based in Spanish Fork, Utah, USA, Cricut brings time-saving precision to your crafts, while still leaving lots of room for that warm, personal touch. The introduction of the original Cricut cutting machine revolutionized the way craft-minded hobbyists plan and make their projects, and they have continued to build on that idea ever since. Years later, they have delighted their customers with a continually improving line of cutting machines, and supplementing those with materials and tools that continue to strengthen its reputation and make it a popular crafting choice. Cricut recognized the need for something that would allow even the most inexperienced crafter to make beautiful and creative projects. The ideas are still all your own, but their fantastic line of products will make it that much easier without sacrificing time or confidence! Not only does Cricut offer you their cutting machines and exciting supporting materials, but have a wide array of licensed properties to offer in you're looking for something specific. Their pattern cartridges include imaging and beloved characters for Disney, Pixar, Sesame Street, DC Comics, and Hello Kitty, to name a few. Valuing interaction and feedback from their consumers, Cricut recognizes the potential to positively change lives through the therapy, expression, and connection with others through giving and creating. Part of their mission states 'we are truly inspired to be part of an experience for our customers that is both personally meaningful and universally inclusive'. With that warm and simple sentiment, Cricut hopes to inspire you with their products and bring out the best in your creativity. Whatever craft project you have on the go, or perhaps one you've been planning for a while, trust Cricut to help you make it memorable and fun. Available now at TSC!