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What it is:
The BeautyBio Healthy Scalp Serum Hair Density Treatment  is a color-safe, silicone-free, fragrance-free, totally weightless hair-enhancing treatment containing 5.5% FolliGRO™, that  is Clinically proven by a 3rd Party leading lab to help improve hair density in as little as 60 days. It also helps restore scalp health and optimize hair regrowth by dissolving follicle-clogging build-up, soothing irritation and itchiness, and delivering key ingredients to strengthen and nourish the hair shaft resulting in denser,  stronger, thicker, fuller hair that is full of shine and luster. This product is suitable for adults with all hair types (straight, wave, curly, and coily), and those with sensitive, dry, or oily scalps. The Healthy Scalp Serum helps improve the appearance of hair with mild to moderate thinning, dryness and itchiness and is not intended to treat or correct severe cases of complete baldness.

Who it is for:

The BeautyBio Healthy Scalp Serum Hair Density Treatment is a colour-safe, nourishing, weightless hair serum designed to help restore scalp health and balance while delivering stronger, thicker, fuller, more lustrous locks. Clinically proven by a 3rd Party leading lab to help improve hair density in as little as 60 days, it also helps immediate soothe the scalp, calming itchiness and irritation at the source.

What it does:
This  fragrance-free serum contains 5.5% FolliGRO™, a natural, nutrient-rich proprietary complex that is designed to help improve hair density, dissolve product buildup, reduce itchiness, regulate oil production and banish flakes. Formulated with Camelia Leaf Extract,  Zinc,  Loquat Leaf, and Rosebay Extract, this formula delivers immediate results by dissolving follicle-clogging buildup, fortifying hair,  and soothing the scalp, while optimizing the condition of the scalp and follicles, to help hair grow thicker, denser, and healthier-looking over time while reducing breakage and fallout. This serum absorbs without leaving behind any residue, so it won't interfere with daily styling and can be used morning or night to suit your beauty routine. 

The built-in precision tip helps control each application, while helping part the hair for ease and convenience. This serum is colour-safe, fragrance free, cruelty-free, and  free of Silicones, Parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates, making it a clean formula.

What is included:
• BeautyBio Healthy Scalp Serum (50 ml) 
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