Product Overview
What it is: 
R45 The Reversal Retinol Cream is a patented advanced 3-Phase Retinol Cream Booster System that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is a proprietary mixture of vitamin A and peptides that helps improve the appearance of wrinkles, skin tone evenness, pores and skin spots by optimizing the epidural layers of the skin, assisting with natural cell turnover and acting as a wrinkle-filler alternative by helping to plump wrinkles. Titration therapy helps mitigate the traditional side effects associated with highly active Vitamin A products- concentration of ingredients increases from Phase one through Phase three, each phase taking approximately two weeks to complete. 

The Balance: 
An all-in-one gel facial cleanser and makeup remover solution designed to gently restore skin's pH balance to a healthy, ideal 5.5 without stripping skin’s protective acid mantle and natural moisture levels.

Who it is for: 
Anyone 18 years or over. Designed for dry skin types showing moderate to visible signs of aging.

What it does:
Featuring Titration Therapy, the R45 The Reversal system mitigates the traditional side effects associated with highly active Retinol products by gradually increasing ingredient concentrations from Phase one to Phase two to Phase three. This allows the skin to adjust to the formulation. The proprietary mixture of retinol and peptides, is formulated to address many major aspects of aging - wrinkles, skin tone evenness, pores, and skin spots.  Most beauty products address wrinkles by simply offering moisturization or hydration to the skin. R45 goes beyond this by optimizing the epidural layers of the skin and assisting with your natural cell turnover. It's a wrinkle-filler alternative (plumps wrinkles). 

The Balance gently restores skin's pH balance without stripping its natural moisture levels. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help keep skin happy and hydrated so that your serums and moisturizers can work more effectively. Natural extracts remove both face and eye makeup without any irritation.

What is included: 
R45 The Reversal 3 Phase System—valued at $190.00
The Balance Cleanser (360ml)—valued at $90.00


*As offered for sale separately
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