Vibra Fit

Vibra Fit at TSC

Getting into shape and taking control of your cardiovascular health has never felt easier! Equivalent to an intense one-hour exercise, ten minutes a day on Vibra Fit will have you shedding calories and fat in no time! Vibra Fit has one main objective: Empower you to achieve your health and fitness goals to live a happy and healthy life. How does it work? This line of professional exercise machines uses advanced vibration technology to effectively boost your metabolism, increase your blood circulation, and stimulate your muscles at high rates for an all-encompassing workout - all from the comfort of your home! Shop Vibra Fit today, available for you here at TSC! No matter what level you currently reside in your fitness journey, Vibra Fit offers a convenient and compact workout routine designed for all bodies and lifestyles. The brand’s scientific approach to exercise naturally forces the use of the muscles throughout your entire body for stabilization, activating a full-body workout. Personalize your routine with adjustable speed features found within Vibra Fit’s advanced line of workout machines, including Vibra Fit Original, Vibra Fit SLIM, Vibra Fit 3D, and more! Work your body from the inside out with the Vibra Fit Round Slim, which safely and effectively stimulates your muscles and bone cells by sending gentle vibrations throughout your entire body. Discover the many lasting benefits that this incredible Vibra Fit exercise machine delivers, including body fat burning, weight loss, improved endurance, relaxed muscles, and a restored neuromuscular balance. For your most motivational workout, opt for the Vibra Fit Coach, which features six tailored voice-driven programs plus a manual mode with 20 varying speed settings. It also includes two sets of resistance bands to enhance your routine. You can tailor your workout to target the upper body, abs, legs, full-body, cardio, or HIIT. The larger surface area of the Vibra Fit Coach provides more room to perform squats, press-ups, and more. Your voice coach will keep you motivated through each exercise, driving you closer to reaching your fitness goals! Discover the most innovative and effective way to work out from your home with Vibra Fit. Available for you right here at TSC!