Pajar Canada

Pajar Canada understands quality winterwear, and is available to you here at TSC! Originating in Montreal in the 1950's with founder Paul Golber, Pajar started life as a manufacturer and provider of wonderfully designed winter footwear. Coming from a long line of French shoemakers, Golber employed a series of techniques and innovations that immediately drew attention the world over. Award winning and recognized as a pinnacle of footwear, Pajar's story was only just beginning. Knowing what Canadians need in both winter protection and style, Golber expanded Pajar into a seasonal lifestyle brand, and added high quality jackets, coats, socks, and more to their highly regarded line of boots. Word spread quickly, and today Pajar is sold in over 40 nations around the planet. They still remain proudly Canadian though, and family owned to this day. Pajar is a true blend of form and function, combining exceptional quality with design and comfort to suit you up for whatever your rugged adventurous day has in store. Their product lines all bear exciting trademark innovations, and Pajar are constantly improving themselves to remain a leader in the marketplace. They are also leaders in environmental consideration and animal welfare as well, only buying leathers from Government licensed tanneries that were received as byproducts from food companies. Further to this, the overwhelming amount of animal furs used in their products are synthetically fabricated. Not only are you getting top quality outerwear from Pajar, but can feel good in knowing they were manufactured ethically and with a responsible eye to nature and its occupants. Whether you're looking for something to outfit you during a favourite winter past time, or simply looking great while staying exceptionally warm and dry, Pajar is a premiere brand that takes your comfort and lifestyle seriously. Stylish and durable, Pajar winterwear is available to you here at TSC!