Bzees shoes – Slip into crazy comfort

Release your inner-rebel when you step into a magically comfortable pair of Bzees shoes. Bzees is driving a revolution for women everywhere to unleash their bold and beautiful selves through thoughtfully-designed footwear made to complement individual personalities. From lace-up sneakers for every day walking to feminine and fun slingback sandals, you’ll find style and comfort in every pair of Bzees shoes, and they’re available for you right here at TSC! The science behind the Bzees comfort All Bzees shoes feature Cloud Technology, engineered with a goal to make you feel weightless, energized, and free when you walk. Air-infused outsoles are ultra-lightweight, soft, and bouncy for incredible comfort for that “walking on a cloud” feeling all day long. Dynamic stretch fabrics and super-soft knits effortlessly move with your foot for maximum flexibility, and free-foam anatomical insoles are “blow-your-mind” comfy! Select Bzees shoes also feature additional comfort technology for you to choose from, including “Comfort Cone Gel” for added shock absorption, “Socush Arch Support” made of memory foam for the arches of your feet, and “Superpuff” to help your foot stay put in a cushion that securely surrounds your ankle. Convenience and durability are must-haves in any style of shoe; that’s why every Bzees shoe style is machine washable, making it easier than ever to keep your shoes clean and germ-free. Puddles and mud don’t stand a chance! All you have to do is toss your shoes into the machine, wash with cold water, air dry, and repeat when necessary! Bzees lightweight and sporty-fun collection of shoes for women are designed for style and comfort. Weighing less than six ounces, Bzees offers unparalleled flexibility from heel-to-toe. With so many comfortable Bzees shoe styles and colours to choose from, including sandals, boots, slip-on, wedges, and more, you’re guaranteed to find the fit perfect for you when you shop at TSC!