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Sleep Optimizer: 
The Sleep Optimizer is designed to support cognitive function and promote a sense of calmness to enhance sleep quality. Our minds are in constant overdrive from daily activities that require continuous processing of information and this is evermore accentuated by our increasingly wired lifestyles. 

Often times, simple relaxation is not sufficient to "turn off" restless thoughts at night and enter into the brain chemistry conducive for deep restorative sleep. All of this DNA inspired line is halal, vegetarian friendly, kosher, Non GMO and GRAS.

• Promotes sleep and night-time circadian rhythms. 
• Calms the mind and reduces restlessness. 
• Enhances sleep quality and duration. 
• Modulates the stress response. 
• Supports adrenal health.

Deep Calm Optimizer:
The Deep Calm Optimizer is designed to modulate and reduce an overactive stress, or sympathetic nervous system (SNS), response. An exaggerated or prolonged SNS response can cause anxiety and mental and physical restlessness making it difficult to manage daily activities at home or work. 

All of this DNA inspired line is halal, vegetarian friendly, kosher, Non GMO and GRAS.

• Modulates the stress response. 
• Helps reduce anxiety and restlessness. 
• Promotes relaxation. 
• Helps calm the mind without sedation. 
• Helps enable better focus and performance.

Fish Oil With Vitamin D: 
The Omega 3 capsules are sourced from the highest quality and most clinician recommended sources, using small fish with the lowest heavy metal content from Norway with a unique nitrogen flushing process that provides maximum preservation of the oils while reducing the risk of oxidation. 

The Omegas also contain mixed tocopherols and EGCG from green tea for cardiovascular health. All of this DNA inspired line is halal, vegetarian friendly, kosher, Non GMO and GRAS.

• Supports and maintains optimal brain and cognitive health. 
• Supports and maintains optimal cardiovascular health. 
• Enables favourable Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio. 
• Aids in reduction of cholesterol. 
• Helps the management of inflammatory conditions.

Magnesium is one of seven essential minerals that is crucial for the body's function. It plays a role in over 600 enzyme reactions in the body. Magnesium can be found in bones, muscles, soft tissues, and bodily fluids. It is estimated that 50-90% of people are deficient. Common signs of magnesium deficiency include muscle stiffness or twitching, chronic irritability, increase in blood pressure, increase in inflammation, and poor blood sugar control.

• Can help improve sleep quality.
• Can help reduce stress and inflammation.
• Helps calm the mind.
• Helps maintain healthy blood pressure.
• Helps relax muscles and the nervous system.
• Helps support detox pathways.

Bonus: Sleep Assessment: 
The first DNA-based sleep grade analysis that can provide you with a potential sleep grade simply by answering the right questions about your health and wellness. How it Works: 

• 1. Complete your purchase. 
• 2. Check your email for the link to fill out your questionnaire. 
• 3. Receive your report by email within minutes. 
• 4. Review your recommendations and make the right changes. 
• 5. Get better sleep.

• No DNA test required.
• Receive an in-depth sleep report.
• Identify bad habits.
• Get better sleep.
• Optimize your life.

• The DNA Co. Youtrients Sleep Optimizer Capsules (60ct)—valued at $43.99
• The DNA Co. Youtrients Deep Calm Optimizer Capsules (60ct)—valued at $31.49
• The DNA Co. Youtrients OMEGA-3 Fish Oil w/Vitamin Caps (60ct)—valued at $62.49
• The DNA Co. Youtrients Magnesium (60ct)—valued at $25.00
• BONUS! The DNA Co. Sleep Assessment


*As offered for sale separately 

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