Product Overview
This raised garden bed kit from Vegepod is an easy way to grow your own vegetables! It requires less than half the potting mix of a corrugated steel bed or a raised timber bed of the same dimensions, plus garden maintenance is minimal and watering is only required during the early stages of plant growth.

• Easy to maintain 
• Easy to set up 
• Easily raised
• Durable
• Bagged potting mix can be easy to transport and pour in
• Mist irrigation: connect your hose with the easy quick connecter and mist your plants from above with built-in high-volume sprays
• Colour: green (outside); black and white (inside)
• Dimensions: 20" x 39" (container garden); 13" (garden height); 11" (growing depth); 28" (cover height); 40" (total height)
• Care: store for the winter; no cleaning needed
• Country of origin: China

This is a polyethylene knitted mesh that can protect crops from UV and pests. The cover also helps manage temperature by allowing water and air to penetrate, and it can help protect from hail and even the harshest of storms.
• Protects soil
• Stops contamination
• Retains warmth
• Micro climate
• Amazing growth rates under the canopy

Wicking Bed Container
This is self-watering technology that uses a wicking system to water the plants from below. Plants can last weeks without watering in a Vegepod. 
• Full foot of growing depth
• 100% virgin polypropylene plastic is food safe and can grow organic
• Wicking reservoirs keep your plants alive

• Vegecover
• Container (20" x 39")
• Wicking Bed
• Mist Irrigation

Warranty Information:
This product comes with a 2-year warranty on the container and a 1-year warranty on the mesh, both through the manufacturer.

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